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Jazz Cabbage

Aug 1, 2019

Squirtel me timbers! This week on Jazz Cabbage, we had Anthony Bartolacci on the show! Anthony is a stand up comedian who got his start in the New York and New Jersey comedy scenes. We dove into how annoying politics can be and comedy scenes in the Tri State area. Come get your cabbage jazzed, with Jazz Cabbage!


Jul 14, 2019

This week on Jazz Cabbage, we had on TJ Swigart. He is a stand up comedian, writer, director and has his hand in film producing. Topics ranged from sports, crimes, 90's nostalgia and much more! Come get your cabbage jazzed, on Jazz Cabbage!

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YouTube: tjswigart

IG: @blaisegcomedy

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Jun 20, 2019

This week on Jazz Cabbage, we have our first guest, Andrew Chadbourne! Andrew is a stand up comedian and author. Blaise & Andrew dive into Bella Thorne, old people, and a little taste of conspiracy. You can check out Andrew's open mic in Philadelphia called "Friggin Sick Mic", every other Tuesday.

Friggin Sick Mic


Jun 20, 2019

This week, Blaise rambles about video games, Disneyworld, best cities to visit and perform comedy. Top cities can be controversial, but you should definitely check out this hot take! Are you sick of micro-transactions? Well Blaise is too and listen why! Come get your cabbage jazzed at Jazz Cabbage!


Jun 12, 2019

Welcome, welcome, welcome! This is Jazz Cabbage! A podcast hosted by comedian, Blaise Gegeckas! In this episode, we introduce you to what this podcast is about. We are going to bring on guests like other comedians, musicians or anyone who comes along we might find interesting! So sit down and give a listen!